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Nursery and Preschools

Caen Caterpillars

Caen St, Braunton EX33 1AD, UK – 07769 994612

Amazing pre school they do everything from fun education and play my daughters gained so much knowledge and skill ready for school thank-you so much to Clare and brill staff at caterpillars

I'm so glad my child has attended this preschool. The welcoming staff have made my daughters time here very enjoyable

Primary and Secondary Schools

Braunton Caen Primary School

Caen St, Braunton EX33 1AD, UK – 01271 812786

Very kind service staff are really kind hearted

Best school ever

Kingsacre Community Primary School

7 Greenacre, Braunton EX33 1BQ, UK – 01271 815485

In year 6 it is so fun we hatch life,.......... teachers are nice though

i was in the new class when this school opened and my teacher was mr Harris and i remember all our class planting trees in the grounds, i hope the one i planted is still there.

Georgeham C Of E Primary School

Putsborough Rd, Croyde, Georgeham, Braunton EX33 1LB, UK – 01271 890440

Sorry, Evie Cunliffe's Grandma & Granda couldn't make it to see the Nativity, but the children looked like they put their hole heart and soul into their performances. Well done children, and I think Mary looked really pretty in her new outfit Grandma made for her trip to Bethlehem and the birth of her new baby. God bless you all. Dec 9th 2015.

During the 2nd world war it was a very different school the village population was much smaller and quite often full of American soldiers the teachers were very strict but very professional I will always think of Georgeham as home even though I left there in 1948 and now live in France I thank the school for giving me the best start in life and wish the present staff all the very best Jonathan brunell

Public & Preparatory Schools

Braunton Academy

Barton Lane, Braunton EX33 2BP, UK – 01271 812221

I shall now proceed with a review of teachers because it is now currently 9:33 and I am bored as hell sooo... Let’s starts with the obvious first Mr Cammack - Always available to talk and can hold a conversation for approximately 63862843 hours 😂 VERY tall but it’s pretty awesome because you can hear and see him in assembly’s which, may I add, he makes really good points doing so... in assemblies Mr Ovey - IF YOU COME IN LATE TO SCHOOL I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU AVOID MR OVEY AT ALL COSTS OTHERWISE YOU WILL GET A LUNCH DETENTION EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE MEANT TO GO TO A SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING! But He’s funny so I forgive him. Mr Horton - OMG such a hilarious person 😂 always smiling and doesn’t shout at you like all the moody teachers who probably will not be listed in this review. Legit tho, you have any problems go see him. (Sorry if loads of students come knocking on your door now Mr Horton) But he’s always willing to help and is generally a good person... defenitely no favouritism here.. duh 🙄 *cough cough* moving on!! Mr Milton - Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Andy is amazing. He remembers everybody’s names and doesn’t mind if you are the naughtiest person in school or anything. Nice to everyone, treats everyone equally. Very funny too And that was a list of my favourite teachers... non of which I get taught by and one wasn’t even a teacher 😂 I’m gonna try sleep now and fail miserably... CIAO 😂😂😂😂