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Local Health and Fitness

The Gym Braunton

The Gym Braunton Units 7, 8 and, 9 Vellator Way, Braunton EX33 2DX, UK – 01271 817251

Great gym with all new equipment! It’s clean and tidy and there’s always someone to help! Highly recommend!

We'll equipped local gym.

Seagrass Wellness

The Old School Rooms, Church Street, Braunton EX33 2EL, UK – 07780 525961

Seagrass, run by Marcela Almond, has helped me enormously. After a stoke in 2014 my physical and mental self were terribly weak. I managed to sustain a number of injuries and was told by physios/occupational therapists/GP/Consultant/ massage therapist "work on your core strength". But it was finding somewhere I felt comfortable (where you weren't judged); somewhere I could afford; accessible for me (I live in a rural community) AND was flexible with my attendance. Having said that the more I've gone the more I want to go. There are no quick fixes to being fit. Certainly you gradually see yourself changing. Able to do a movement you couldn't before. A new dress fits better. For someone with more than a few decades behind them I feel encouraged and supported by the others attending. Those are HUGE pluses for me. A certainly know when I've been away due to a holiday or illness. I miss it AND my physical self gets stiffer. I'll never run a marathon (I don't want too) but we do have some who trains for them and does stretching class and yoga classes (fitness yoga and gentle yoga are on offer). So, it really doesn't matter what level of fitness you are at. Doesn't matter your size/shape/age YOU CAN DO THIS. Sure there are fashionable places out there but I need somewhere to feel comfortable (even when you feel you are being 'tortured' at times) - by the way - that's a joke. We moan but we all share in the moan. If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere and super positive encouragement, professional understanding of your personal limitations/aliments then Marcela's Seagrass Studio is the place to go.

I have just started attending - Marcella's classes are not only excellent but extremely friendly, welcoming to all newcomers and fun.

Harris Fitness Consultacy

Velator Dr, Braunton EX33 2HU, UK – 01271 814093

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Holland & Barrett

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